One Story At A Time Video Project Submission

One moment in a day, one day at a time, one story at a time can make a difference.  
- Co-Founder Mama Linda Goss

What story will inspire our children?  
What story will uplift our people?  
What story will break down walls and build a better nation...a better world?

 NABS Storytellers, 
You are already touching lives by telling these stories
Now, we ask that you tell them Right Here, Right Now
In this Virtual Telling and Listening Space

Project Description: 

This project is designed to create a collection of motivational and transformative stories, answering the questions: What are the stories that need to be heard in today's society? What are the stories that have the potential to inspire change?  What story told right now, will make a difference?

Story Criteria:

  • NABS membership is required for initial stage of this project
  • Youth (9 and up) and Adult
  • The content must be relevant to embracing love of humanity, healing society, uplifting spirits, or celebrating life/people
  • Stories should be no longer than 10 minutes
  • All genres are permissible
  • Video should be clear, focused and audible. (recording with smart phones are fine.  Be sure to stabilize.)


  • Send Youtube or Vimeo link to (no raw footage)
  • Include in your email:
    • Name of Artist
    • City and State of Artist
    • Title of Work
    • Date recorded
    • One sentence intro
    • Brief description (75 word max)
    • Your website link

 Questions email: 

After review:
Videos will be posted on our One Story At A Time Page