Youth Awards

       2007                                                                   2008                                        2009                               

Autumn Joy Kornreich Saskill                 Nya Russell                      Onam Lansana               
Yesseh Furaha-Ali                                                                                                                      

        2010                                                    2012
   Lovie Afi Greene
Angela Lathan                                AdulKarriem Muhammad
                                                          Sajdah Maryam Muhammad
                                                          Breyanne Culver
                                                          Whitney Johnson
                                                           Shania Alford


Baba Jamal Koram Harambee Youth Awards 


There are three age categories for the Baba Jamal Koram Harambee Youth Award
 I:  7-10           II: Age 11-14      III: Age 15-18
Youth must be a A financial member of NABS, Inc.
Be involved in storytelling events or activities in his/her community.
Have attended at least one national festival
Be a positive role model.

Baba Jamal is a past president and; recipient of the National Association
of Black Storytellers (NABS) highest award: The Zora Neale Hurston Award.He has been featured at Kennedy Center, Smithsonian museums, theaters, museums, outdoor events and schools in Germany, Ghana, Mali, and South Africa.He serves as Affiliate Advisor.




Grace Auls
Nia Richardson


Elijah- Joel Auls
Lovie Afi Greene
Jeremie Meadows
Steven Rhymer
Ramaya Thomas


Laila Thomas
Tyler K. Owens


Mariah Grier
Lovie Afi Greene
Village Watoto Storytellers


Javon Culver


Jada Anderson
Owen Charles
Brooks Lansana
Khalilah Muhammad